Aims & Objectives:

meast your eyes on this floated image The aim of the journal is to become an effective medium for inspiring the innovators and researchers to bring out their contributions in the form of research papers, articles, case studies, review articles and innovations in the fields of engineering, science and technology. The dissemination would thus help the industries, professional organisations to adopt and apply the information for creating new knowledge and enterprise. The publication would also help in enhancing awareness about the need to become innovative and research minded. Thus an ambience of knowledge and work culture coupled with inquisitiveness and experimentation leading to useful tangible results may be expected for sustainable future.

All articles published in the journal will be freely available to scientific researchers and innovators all over the globe. We will be making sincere efforts to promote our journal across the world in various ways. It is hoped that this journal will act as a common platform for researchers and innovators to pursue their objectives.

Aim n Scope